A Penang Mall Healing Experience

A Penang Mall Healing Experience

Walking in the mall here in Penang to get a bite. My wife and I met this man with a cane struggling to walk. I asked him if he was in pain. He said yes. I offered to pray for him. He agreed.

I commanded the pain to go away and spoke healing. I asked him if there was any change.

He said, “None.”

It was then that he lifted the bottom part of his pants to show the big swelling that he said was caused by an accident.

I redirected my prayer and commanded the swelling to subside, and the bones and ligaments and muscles to be healed.

When I asked again, he said, he feels 7 out of 10 better!

He said, “Thank you.”

I said, “Welcome. God loves you, and it’s Jesus who healed you.”

He will never look at the name of Jesus the same way again.

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