When Life Defies Logic

When Life Defies Logic

I have this testimony that I have never shared on FB. It happened 5 years ago, but I suppose I have been waiting for the right time to share it. I think now is that time. So here goes.

Five years ago, on my way to our church’s 5pm worship service, I was driving my vehicle, a Montero. (By Philippine standard, it’s a full-size SUV.) I was slowly driving through the next village on my way out to the main road, when I felt like I drove on a hump. There wasn’t supposed to be a hump there. I should know. I’ve been driving on that road for more than 40 years now. I wondered about that hump, so I looked at the rear view mirror, but found all things to be ok. I looked at the right side mirror to check if things are ok. I saw 4 children but they seemed to be all ok. So I drove on.

Upon arriving in church, Amie, a church staff, told me that Ate Lolet, my wife, called frantically telling her that I ran over a 5-year-old little girl. (That must have been the mysterious hump!) I did not just bump her. I RAN OVER her! (Hindi po bundol. Nasagasaan.)

Immediately, I told Ate Lolet that I will just meet her in the hospital. They brought Valerie, the little girl to the ER. When I arrived in the ER, I immediately proceeded to where the girl was. She was so small and frail, and I could not imagine how she survived the full weight of a Montero. She was crying in pain, and I offered to pray for her. I declared Ezekiel 37 to her- bone to bone, ligament to ligament, muscle to muscle, flesh to flesh come together.

To cut the long story short, we were in the hospital from 530pm to 2am. They did all sorts of tests on her to know the extent of the damage that has been to her. They did x-rays, ultra sound, urinalysis, and what have you. The doctor in charge was told that it was a V.A. (vehicular accident) but he wouldn’t believe. He said it must have been a bump, until they turned over the little girl to show her back to the physician. There were the clear wide tire marks of the Montero on the back of this frail 5-year old little girl!

“Those are wide tire marks! She was ran over!”, the doctor exclaimed.

“Yes, doc. That’s what we have been trying to tell you. This girl was ran over,” Marlowe, a nurse who’s also a member of our church, explained.

“I don’t understand. If it’s a Montero that ran over and the tire marks are all over her back, why is there no bone broken? Not one bone. Not even a fracture! All that there is are the superficial tire-mark wounds on her back!”, the doctor said.

“But wait, we still need to check if the internal organs are intact. Because the ribs may have collapsed and damaged some internal organs.”

So they checked the x-rays. It’s clear!

One more test. Urinalysis. She has to urinate. That way we will know her kidneys are not damaged. It was past midnight, and we had Valerie drink plenty of fluids, but she has yet to pee. Finally, at almost 2AM, she requested for the toilet. And there it flowed! She peed! Her kidneys are ok!

The doctor cleared her that early morning. After all the tests, Valerie was declared whole by the attending physician!

That day, Jesus showed Himself faithful and powerful to me and to everyone who witnessed that miracle. He is for real and He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother. Not only that. Through this experience, I also learned first-hand the ministry of angels. They are there to protect us too! We thank God for these heavenly servants.

P.S. On my way home today, I saw Valerie again. She’s now a 10-year old girl, happy and grateful for life. Jesus has been very good!

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