When Plans Change

When Plans Change

In a recent Youth Camp that we had, we experienced this mighty atmosphere of worship. It was the last night of the camp. The original plan was to have the people praise and worship God first, and then we will just divide them into several interest groups.

We prepared several groups that would make them want to join in—like dancing, writing, counseling, singing, playing instruments, among others.

The idea was to have them discover their giftings and talents, which they can use for God.

It was around 7 o’clock in the evening when we started.

The worship team was supposed to lead the young people in singing for about 30 minutes. And then, it was on to the divided groups. But the Lord had other plans.

We were singing, clapping, dancing, and lifting our hands up, the way we usually did. But after 30 minutes, it seemed like no one wanted to stop.

The worship team knew that they had to stop by then, but they felt like the atmosphere of worship was so intense that it was hard for them to stop. So slowly and reluctantly, they stopped singing and also stopped playing their instruments.

But the young people knew better.

They did not stop; instead, they started chanting “More! More! More!”

And so we went for more!

As a matter of fact, the singing which was supposed to last for thirty minutes lasted for about two hours. We sang. We clapped. We danced. We lifted up our hands. We bowed down before God. We cried. We fell prostrate in honor of God. The place was just filled with the thickness of God’s Presence.

All 300 delegates of the camp were just captured by the glory of God!

As if on cue, after singing to the Lord and entering His Presence, there was a shift of the Wind’s direction. These young ones started to cry out in prayer and deep intercession.

It was definitely of God. It was no longer the shallow jumping and dancing that the typical youth love.

It was deep intercession and travailing in the Presence of God.

And they were praying for the nation!

Yes, it was not asking for themselves, or for their future partner in life.

They were asking God for national revival!

They were groaning for salvation and righteousness to hit the Philippines!

This was definitely not of the flesh. This can only be of God!

Then the Lord started moving them towards having visions of angels and of heaven. It was awesome! These young people saw angels and even had glimpses of heaven that brought them so much peace and joy. There was not one person in that hall not touched by God!

All of us came out so blessed… and refreshed.

When we looked at our watches, it was past 11 o’clock. (It’s been 4 hours!) And we were not even tired.

We still wanted more!

(From my book, PRESENCE DRIVEN (formerly titled “What if God Comes?)

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